58watt coffeeshop is a free coffee shop, 
open Wednesdays from 5:30 pm til...
well...til everyone is ready to go home. 
*** NOTE ***
Our facility is currently serving as
Camp Restore Baton Rouge,
housing up to 50 volunteers who have come from
all over to help our area recover from
The Great Flood of 2016.
Please check our 
Events Page to be sure we
will be open before you come out.
Sometimes, there are just too many people
to be able to host 58watt.
Thanks for your patience and understanding! 

We are here to provide a comfortable place
to bring or make friends, study, visit or just relax.
We occasionally have live music,
starting around 6:30. Check out our Events Page
for information about upcoming special events
and concerts.

We have fellowship, snacks and coffee 
till around 7:30, followed by
a time to pray and a short devotion.
Coffee drinks (similar to what you'd find at the more well-known coffeehouses, except our are better and FREE), teas and hot chocolate are available all evening. 

We have free internet, too.

(A ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church)

For more information, click below!